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WELCOME to the club where you can upload all your art of male characters and by just being a member you can claim a Bishie of your very own!

(We say Bishies because we aren't picky about them actually being bishounen - Bishie here just means "any male character".)

:star:Claimed Bishies:star:
check this list first to see if your boy is free

Didn't see him there? Good, that means he's probably yours! Take a look at this...

...and now send a join request, listing the Bishie you want and the series or fandom he comes from.

Please follow this format, for easier listing:
Bishie's Given Name - Bishie's Surname (if applicable) - series/fandom - what type of fandom it is (anime/manga, game, movies, tv show, comics, cartoon, book... other?)

You'll be approved (or rejected because you didn't list those things) pretty quickly. If the Bishie you want is claimed, you'll be informed of that and still approved, but you'll have to choose a new guy.

Because the point of this group is participation, if your gallery is empty you'll be asked to confirm that you will in fact submit, and if you don't after two months you will be taken off the list.

All joined up? Good! Now you have until the end of the month to fill this out:

If you don't, you will risk losing out on him, because he won't be reserved - anyone can come in, make a card, and take him from you.

Now that you're a full-fledged member, you'll have to submit a picture or story about him at least once a month - every month you miss will lose points from him, and if they go negative your Bishie will no longer be reserved, just as if you hadn't made a card. Someone can join the group and take him from you until you submit again.

You can also submit pictures or stories about any other male character. Fanart and original guys are both welcome. Submission limits are 3/day.

Have a Bishie and want to change to a new one? Make sure he's not claimed, and then:


October Prompt

Assignments for the October Secret Trade Thingy have already been sent, so on to the prompt! It is now October and the best thing about October is playing dress up and coercing candy from strangers, so this time around our prompt shall be: 

Trick-or-treat, costumes, bobbing for apples, pulling pranks

You can take this prompt however you would like - adhere closely to the words if you want or just be sort of vaguely inspired by it. There are no prompt police here to say you're doing it wrong. 

There is no quality requirement, but please make an effort to color your pictures and write more than 500 words for your stories (depending on which you do) - effort counts for more than quality. Please submit your finished pictures or stories to the Monthly Activity folder here, and in your artist comments mention that it is for the prompt so I leave it in that folder should I ever go gallery-cleaning. 

You don't have to participate in the monthly prompts to keep your Bishie, but you do need to submit something every month, so why not take the inspiration?

If you have suggestions for a prompt, feel free to leave it in a comment.

Star!Endangered BishiesStar!

Here is the current list of Bishies who are officially "endangered", meaning that if anyone wants him they can come and claim him out from under the current owner:

Claim a Bishie - Chester by El-chan  Bishie Claim Card by nasexsavkifs  Claim A Bishie by LilEmsimply  Claim A Bishie: Prince Lambert by stargirl143  Claim A Bishie by xXxAstralLunaxXx  Claim a bishie switch by TSUKIY0  Claim-A-Bishie: Sho-chan by AbiPal  

AzureInfinity  Dave Strider (Homestuck) - no claim card submitted
FierceBabydoll  Gaius (Fire Emblem) - no claim card submitted

If your Bishie is on this list because you have not submitted a Claim Card, please do so, and remember that doing the monthly prompt is worth extra points - excellent for saving endangered Bishies.

Here is the list of Bishies with fewer than 5 points, meaning that if nothing is submitted for them this month they will be endangered come November.

CAB Claim Card by Sachi-pon  Claim a Bishie Temp by Kyos-Temptress  Claim Card: UPDATED TO YOGI by VAL0VE  Claim a Bishie - Penguin - One Piece by Wings-chan

runningrame   Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail) - claim card due 10-31-14
The-Ly  Trafalgar Law (One Piece) - claim card due 10-31-14

As always, if you want to check on your current points you can look here.


The original plan was that after one full year of no submissions, a claimant would be taken off of the list and the Bishie's point reset to zero. I am considering shortening that to six months; negative points after six months are already at between 20 and 30 (depending on how good the claim card was), and someone who has not submitted in six months is probably not going to be willing to submit the 4-6 things in a month to get him positive again, I imagine.

I may also tweak it so that the points don't actually go negative but sit at zero, and anyone with zero points is endangered. (Currently, a 0 is safe and they are only endangered when they drop below.) A single submission would then be enough to bring him positive again and not be so "what's the point in doing anything then?" Doing this wouldn't have any real bearing on shortening the time limit to six months, but might encourage nonsubmitters to come back more. (I have already change the points record list to reflect this.)

The flip side of the six-month-limit would be to reward the constant submitters. Perhaps giving out personal points to those who submit for six months straight. The better to get closer to a second Bishie, my dears~

Does anyone have a concern or feedback on the possible change(s)? 
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